3 Ways to Have Empathy in Your Copywriting

Empathy is powerful. It connects with your readers in a way you can’t imagine. Your readers will feel strong emotions towards you if you’re empathetic.

If you are writing copy, your prospects will feel the authenticity and actually purchase from your written words.

So, How do you actually bring empathy in your writing?

I’m writing copy for three years now, and these techniques have helped me make my copy more empathetic.

1. Be Human

Have emotions as you write, how did you feel about the problem you’re talking about? Dig deeper into your own emotions about the problem.

Share your vulnerabilities. Share your mistakes, mistakes make us more relatable. If you position yourself as someone who never makes a mistake, you’re too perfect, and no one’s life is perfect. Your audience will not be related.

2. Define who you’re writing for

Who is your prospect? What are the problems they’re having?

  • What is keeping them up at night?
  • What makes them frustrated?
  • What would make their life amazing?
  • What do they fear?
  • What are their desires?

Ask more such questions and narrow down to one specific person.

When you write to a specific person and they feel it, they go, “It is as if this write-up is talking directly to me”

3. Write to a friend or family

What if you write a letter to a family member or a close friend about the problem you’re solving? If I’m writing about how a product will genuinely make my brother’s life better, I’ll pour emotions into it.

I’ll be more open and I’ll try to convince him without pushing him away or being too salesy.

When you know your prospect and you picture them as family or friend, you instantly write better.

To have more empathy in your writing:

  1. Be human
  2. Define who you’re writing for
  3. Write to a friend or family

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Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh

Copywriter & Marketing Consultant | Crazy about psychology and human behaviour | Web: sillycopies.com