Practical ways of attracting more ideal clients for your therapy — For mental health professionals

Marketing guide for psychologists and therapists by Noman Shaikh
You’re about to learn insights to grow your therapy business. .

As a therapist, you master the skills of knowing people. You are well aware of psychology and human behaviour.

There are no classes on marketing as a therapist or a counsellor.

And, so I’ve found most therapists struggle with marketing themselves and their services.

Some of them are uncomfortable doing…

Understanding this one thing will make you 10x more persuasive, in sales, negotiations, and every conversation

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I was reading this book by John Carlton and I came across this:

If you go through life believing anyone is going to honestly congratulate you on your successes, or honor a favor you did for them… you are sadly mistaken

Here’s the shorter version of the same: No good…

Breaking down the secrets behind viral twitter threads

Growing on twitter | Starting on twitter | Noman Shaikh Copywriter
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Twitter is growing like crazy.

It was once for celebrities and politicians. And, some random memes across the internet. Now, it is a heck of a platform for writers and other forms of content creators.

I was wrong in assuming Twitter as a waste of time.

But recently, my friend…

Exercise is Good for Well-being. With Athletes in Competitive Sports, it’s Different.

Similarities and differences in exercise for athletes and ordinary people by Noman Shaikh
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Exercise is the best gift anyone could give themselves.

Exercise is proven to have amazing long-term effects on overall mental health and well-being. Exercise, sports, and physical activities are used to treat people struggling with mental health.

While the impact of exercise is beneficial for anyone, with athletes in competitive…

Noman Shaikh

Copywriter & Marketing Consultant | Crazy about psychology and human behaviour | Web:

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