All That Matters Is I Take Action and Step on My Fears

Paragraphs from my private notes.

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It’s 9 AM. I’m coughing badly today. And, I had no particular mood to show up at my desk today. But I somehow pushed.

I’ve been scrolling through social media for an hour now. I know. I know. It’s bad.

But It’s just that I’m trying to get into momentum. I just started to track this on toggl. It is helpful to keep a track of how I spent my time — the most valuable currency of all times.

I’m about to go for a run or a fast walk now. It’s just that I’m coughing. But I’m positive that the walk will benefit me. Moreover, it will strengthen my mindset about the bad days.

“I have fun in the struggle and pain it takes to succeed” — the affirmation that would help me write more. And, better. It is certainly working for David Goggins.

It doesn’t matter much now — about what people think when I pitch them — or when I make other mistakes — All that matters is I take action and I step on the fear.

There’s enough that is read now. All that remains is to write. Write whatever I feel like writing. This is all unfiltered. It is not meant to be read by someone. But I still feel like sharing this with my medium community and making them a part of this journey — to encourage them to join me.

The other day I got a DM on Twitter. It was a beginner copywriter. He said something along the lines of I’m where he wants to be. That hit me hard. I’m sitting here on my ass and feeling like an imposter and crippled with self-doubt. And, someone aspires to come to where I am at.

The fact is — I’m sure every creative person seeks someone else. Dead or alive and they forget how far they have come.

And, just like that, I’ve scribbled 300 words.




Copywriter & Marketing Consultant | Crazy about psychology and human behaviour | Web:

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Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh

Copywriter & Marketing Consultant | Crazy about psychology and human behaviour | Web:

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