An eBook That Attracted 70 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in One Week (For B2B SaaS)

How To Create a Lead Magnet for a B2B SaaS Startup

Noman Shaikh
2 min readApr 19, 2023
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This is about how we created a lead magnet for a B2B SaaS client.

I was hired as head of content, and I looked after all the different aspects of content.

The B2B SaaS client provided an assessment solution for HR professionals to help them hire better employees.

Let me tell you about the success we had with an eBook…

Our goal was to generate more leads.

I identified a topic that would be highly relevant and interesting to our target audience. An ultimate guide to employer branding.

It was a comprehensive guide for HR professionals.

I conducted thorough research to create an in-depth and engaging resource. This guide had real-life examples of companies that had implemented the strategies covered in the eBook.

Once we were ready with the eBook, we professionally designed it.

Then we leveraged the personal brand of the co-founder of the SaaS. We strategized it to distribute using his LinkedIn network. This helped us increase its credibility and reach.

Our promotional efforts focused on LinkedIn and Slack communities tailored specifically for HR professionals.

We engaged with our target audience by sharing the eBook on social media and participating in online communities. And later on, through cold outreach. But, the initial 70 MQLs we generated did not include leads from cold outreach.

Within one week of launching the eBook, we attracted 70 marketing-qualified leads. Our target audience appreciated the value of the content.

Here’s why these strategies worked:


The eBook’s topic was relevant to our target audience, addressing a challenge they face in attracting top talent.

In-depth content

It was comprehensive information backed by extensive research and real-life examples.

Co-founder’s personal brand

Leveraging the co-founder’s network and reputation helped increase the eBook’s credibility and reach.

Targeted promotion

We focused on platforms and communities where HR professionals were active. We ensured that our eBook reached the right audience.


Participating in discussions and sharing the eBook on social media helped generate interest and hype. It encouraged people to download the resource.

High-quality content

The positive feedback from our target audience validated the quality of our eBook. It helped us build trust and authority in our domain.

This case study showcases the power of a well-researched, relevant, and engaging eBook as a lead magnet. And when you strategically plan everything, you’ll get results.

We had 70+ MQLs within one week!

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