Happiness is a skill anyone can develop

Noman Shaikh
1 min readJul 6, 2022


I’ve been pondering upon something I read by Naval Ravikant.

“Happiness is a skill you identify and develop that slowly gives you results as you get better at it.” — Naval.

Happiness is a skill that anyone can master.

And, when we think of it, Our mind and our thoughts are muscles.

We can train our muscles.

Naval goes on to talk about how he thinks about the most positive reason for everything he finds himself complaining about or having any kind of negative emotion to it.

For example, You went to a party and when you returned your friend sent you 100 photographs from the evening.

Now, you start feeling a little weird about it. You think “Why are they bombarding my phone with photographs?

When you feel such negative emotions you immediately think of a better reason.

It could be “How sweet of my friend, they want me to pick out the best of the photographs myself”.

You can always search for the best reasons.

When you keep doing this for everything negative you feel throughout your day, you start training your mind to think of the best reasons even for worst-case scenarios.

If you’ve been through a car accident and you got hurt. You can always feel gratitude about not being more hurt.

You can keep diverting toward the positives.

This is how happiness is a skill anyone can develop.

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