I Got Connection Invite From the CEO of Beehiiv Within 3 Hours of Switching to Their Platform

Yes. There’s a lesson in there.

Noman Shaikh
2 min readDec 22, 2022


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Revue (Twitter’s newsletter platform) recently announced shutting down its services.

I started to reseach on the alternatives and beehiiv seemed like the best platform for switching.

To give you the context, we are working on SaaS Wisdom, which is a cohort based course for developers working on side project. While we haven’t been sending newsletters regularly, but growing our list is an active part of our current strategy. We have less than 50 signups at the moment and beehiiv seems like a great option for those starting off.


After 3 hours of switching to beehiiv, I got invite from the CEO of the company. That’s pretty rare. The traditional old school CEOs hardly accept your invite. Or, respond to our emails. But here I’m with a connection invite.

This made me curious… I know this isn’t something that most people would start going deeper into… But it’s just how I think of the things.

My overthingking brain starts to go down the rabit holw where I had thoughts like:

  • Did he just stumble upon my profile?
  • Does he want to purchase my services?
  • Is he actively looking to hire a copywriter?

and whatnot.

But when I discussed this with my co founder recently, it opened up new perspective about this.

The gesture of the CEO is show that they don’t treat their signups as number, but as clients (not just random users).

They understand that investing with interest in their users will help them:

  • Empathize with us
  • Understand us better
  • Increase chances of us purchasing their paid version

This reminds me of something I had heard in podcast by Peep Laja, with Patrick Campbell.

He shared that their audience is people who aren’t even at the stage understanding the problem yet. They are just about to enter the TOFU. Patrick takes them very seriously, as they are their customers one or two years down the line.

Beehiiv’s strategy with connecting and understanding their user is engaging with hot prospects who might just easily convert into paying customers.



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