I’m Going to Start Documenting My Learnings (with No Strategy)

Here’s Why

Noman Shaikh
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

I’ve probably published over 400 blogs on the internet. Some of them for clients.

But when I look back and check my own blogs and stories from 2–3 years back — I feel a sense of satisfaction.

It gives me a different high to read my own work.

And more importantly — I can recall what I’d learned that specific day.

Moreover, when I scroll through the library of content created by Dickie Bush or any giant creator — I can see that they’ve just shared what they’re learning and built their library while helping others.

I’m obviously going to be sharing vulnerable side of things — because how can you share learning without sharing your failures.

As I’m doing this — I’m not committing to a specific word count. Specific platform. Or specific time.

I’m gonna be keeping it raw. You might even see some typos and grammatical errors. But the whole things is about just overcoming obsession with perfection and being okay with publishing consistently and building my own library as I document my learning.

Today’s lesson…

Chasing perfection is a big big problem.

I remember, I had started to interact with a indie founder on X (previously Twitter). He had built an alternative to Calendly.

It looked pretty good. But I saw a lot of mistakes on his website.

I took note of the mistakes and though of making a loom walkthrough video about the mistakes and helping him fix those mistakes.

I took me 15 days to record the video because I wanted the video to be perfect. And when finally when I sent him the video… He loved it.

But he had hired a copywriter just the day before.

Imagine the pain I felt realizing that he hired someone just a day before — had I just sent him a raw video without overthinking, perhaps the project would have been mine.

So yeah, the point it, perfection is the enemy.

And so this whole project if documenting my learning is not going to be perfect (and I’m happy about it).



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