The Only Way To Write Highly Irresistible Headlines

Noman Shaikh
1 min readJan 5, 2023


Your headline is the most important part of your blog, post, or advertisement.

If you’ve written a really good blog post but you didn’t invest much time on the headline, you’ll just get way fewer eyeballs on your blog.

John Carlton writes, the best copywriters spend 90% of their efforts and time on writing headlines.

While you can find different templates to try out for your headlines and try. They just won’t work if you didn’t get this one thing right.

The only way to write irresistible headlines:


We were recently brainstorming headlines for a LinkedIn Ad campaign.

While I have a handful of templates and formulas to create powerful headlines.

It wasn’t possible until we doubled down on in-depth research.

We learned the pain points better. We understood the numbers that would make our target audience restless. We knew what might work.

Now, when we mix them up with the templates and proven headline formulas we started to have some really good headlines.

Never underestimate research for your copywriting project.



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