Two Challenges I’ve Had Working As A Ghostwriter

Noman Shaikh
2 min readJun 23, 2022

Previously, I’ve written a few blogs as a ghostwriter. But those were just one blog. Or perhaps a few but written in few months.

Recently, I’m working with a personal brand as a ghostwriter for social media. And, I’ve had some challenges along the way to keep up with the posts.

Here are the challenges I’ve had:

1. Understanding the Tone and Voice

Everyone has a unique personality. When you’re working and a ghostwriter, you’ve to step in their shoes and write for them.

This means, you’ve to forget your own natural writing voice.

How did I overcome this challenge?

Frankly, I’m yet to learn the art of nailing voice for my ghost writing clients.

My current approach is asking them to share things they’ve written, and having long conversations with them.

2. Getting Stories From The Client

When you’re writing for social media, like LinkedIn, you need to stories to make things more engaging. Else your content will go flat.

But the challenge is to make clients share stories from their lives with you. Because they don’t know which story is worth sharing and some might even forget them.

How many times have you recalled a story after a while into the conversation?

I’ve had that experience several times. I hear someone share a story and then I recall a similar story, which I hadn’t thought in a few days.

How did I overcome this challenge?

I asked them specific questions. And asked them to ramble the answer in an audio note.

For example, When was a time when you felt lost and depressed and you had no clue about how to deal with that situation?

This question opens door for a conversation that will get you stories.

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